Foshan Public Security Bureau - 佛山市赛能自动化系统开发有限公司

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Foshan Public Security Bureau

The Foshan Public Security Bureau is the functional department of the public security work under the Foshan Municipal People's government, which is under the dual leadership of the municipal government and the Guangdong provincial public security bureau. The Public Security Bureau (sub Bureau) shall be established in each county (county-level city), and police stations shall be set up in the towns, townships and streets; the public security sub bureaus and the police stations shall receive the leadership of the people's government at the same level and the higher public security organs at the same time.
Sinonteam (competition) brand UPS and storage battery will be located in the command center of Public Security Bureau, providing the power supply for the power supply of the command center and providing uninterrupted power supply for normal operation.